Hello Everyone!

Seyi, your host with WebtripleT.com.  My job is to keep updated information on the whole website, basically three times the job as my sisters and brothers.  I make sure that the automotive articles, art articles, movie columns, and every single channel are kept up to date.  Of course, my sisters and brothers jobs are important, but I overlook the whole site, which is a big responsibility.  I keep the articles and information interesting so everyone will continue to visit our site, bringing the number of visitors above a million a month.

With the amount of sites on the net, we've decided to eliminate hopping from one site to another by putting three of the top sites together into one big gigantic site.  Wow, auctions, things for sale, information on all cities, and business listings all in one!  Why go any further?

I reside in Houston, Texas, one of the top education cities across the nation.  Originally from Japan, my second home was New Orleans and now Houston.  No, the Hurricane didn't bring us here, it was just the opportunity of having a better education, and of course, my parents decision!

Enjoy our site and keep visiting every single week.  Never know what will  pop up in our articles:))

Your WebTripleT.com host, Seyi!