Welcome to Webtriplet.com!

I'm your website overall host and would like to tell you our story.  Webtriplet is based on three major websites, one website purchased just last year for $400 million, the second website owned by a Billionaire, worth over $10 Billion, making the website worth a pretty penny.  The third website is owned by one of the biggest internet corporations around.  The CEO has a net worth of over $1.3 Billion.  My site offers free information, business listings, items for sale, and definitions of keywords involved in my site.  So, with three major websites, net worth way in the Billions, my decision of designing a website to include an replica of all three is what I did.  The advantage I have is that my children are the centerpiece of my site, making it easier to work on every single day because I get to view the pictures of my children! My choices are obvious, so enjoy the site!

Website 1 - Nationwide information on topics within major cities across the nation, introducing a host to every topic.  Basically, I'm your host for several hundred topics, so opinions do matter.  With updated information on cities and topics, this will certainly attract attention from millions of viewers because of the topics that will be discussed.  I'm a very open person and some of my thoughts will come out, so I expect everyone to give their own opinions.  This seems like it will turn into a debate site, but oh well, life goes on!  That Million dollar site that gave me this idea actually told me that I need a college degree to become a GUIDE. Wow!  I guess, I decided, instead of one guide, I'll become them all! Another catch!  Every guide does work parttime to strut their stuff.  Well, this host works full time, with a good amount of energy, to cover topics from every angle!  Let's face it, the internet is where the information is, so it's not too hard to find it!

Website 2 - A website that covers every single business across the nation, good or bad.  Imagine, having webpages with maps, links, phone numbers, and addresses for every single business.  Now, this is where its at.  At least one in a hundred will decide to do a search on at least one of those businesses.  As long as you have every business covered, which we do, you shouldn't have a problem with getting noticed.  Giving knowledge and information for every business is a plus for the audience of the World Wide Web.  Why go anywhere else if you can find what you need from one site?

Website 3 - Things for sale!  Imagine, selling anything and everything, not charging a penny to advertise, and making a commission!  Now, that'll work!  Focusing on Garage Sales and Classifieds across the Country, we're talking millions of items for sale and making money on every sale!  This is how the money is made!  Everybody has something to sell!  Now, included on a website with business listings and information, no need to go anywhere else!  Affiliates are another key to success.  Without affiliates, our success wouldn't increase as fast.  Look at HotelDiscount.com.  Started depending on affiliates, just to get their feet wet.  Once enough success, Hotels.com was created.  So, besides the affiliates, Hotels.com gets the calls direct now!  All about internet marketing, that's the key to success!

Now you know my story!  I have three website replicas on one major site, all managed by myself and my team, myself!  How can one person manage to build such a big website and at the same time, market the website to become one of the biggest?  20 hours a day on the computer, Crown and Diet Coke, and a good amount of energy drinks!

Enjoy the site!

Thank you.